Squirrels Preschool

Highwoods, Colchester

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Welcome to Squirrels Preschool

We are a thriving preschool located within the St Johns and Highwoods Community Centre.

Our Mission is:
To offer all children equal opportunity to learn through play in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment - inspiring awe and wonder and helping to prepare children for their next steps in learning

We welcome all children from the age of 2 - 4
We offer two year old funding (where eligible)
15 hour 3/4 year old funding (available for all)
Extended 30 hour 3/4 year old funding (where eligible)

We are open Monday-Friday during term time

Full Day session: 9.15am - 3.15pm
Morning session: 9.15am - 12.15pm
Afternoon session: 12.45pm - 3.15am

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